Mayor Jang Chung-Nam of Namhae-gun County

I will serve you with the highest level of transparency and fairness.

I will always humbly engage myself with open communication with you and run the office efficiently to make Namhae-gun County more prosperous.

Hello, honorable citizens of Namhae-gun County!
And the online visitors who love our Namhae-gun County!
My name is Jang Chung Nam, the mayor of treasure island Namhae-gun County.

I cordially welcome all of you to the homepage of Namhae-gun, a County which is blessed with the beautiful landscape of ocean and mountains and where the spirits of patriots still breathe.

Namhae-gun County has been dedicated to the vision of hope and fruitful policy goals. This homepage is a place where open and honest communications are encouraged, and your wise and honest opinions are appreciated.
We sincerely invite you to join us to rewrite the story of this treasure island, Namhae-gun.

Thank you.

Mayor Jang Chung Nam of Namhae-gun County