Sejon Island

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If you ride a boat for 50 minutes toward south from Mijo port, then you'll see a small lonely island made of rocks. There's a cave on the sea in the middle of the island like a shape of mast so there is a story that it is the trail that Buddha Sejon went through after playing at Ssanghong gate in Mt. Geum so it is called Sejon Island.

In addition, there's a myth that it'll rain if you pray at this island during severe drought so still many people pray at this island if there's a severe drought

NodoNamhae's 7th attraction

Nodo Image

The Nodo is the last place of exile for Seopo Kim Man-jung, the author of 'Guunmong' the classic novel from Joseon Era, and place where Yu Bae-jung died at age of 56. Currently, there are grass-roofed house, fountain and graves. Seopo Kim Man-jung wrote 'Sa-ssi-nam-jeong-gi', 'Seo-po-man-pil', 'Jo-bi-jeong-gyeong-bu-in-haeng-jang', and 'Ju-ja-chan-yo' in Namhae and also left numerous Chinese poems.

The No Island, located in Byeokryeon-ri, Sangju-myeon, which is the entrance of Aenggang Bay, is known as the famous fishing place with excellent view of coast.

Janggo Island

Janggo Island Image

The islands around Gangjin Bay reminiscent a piece of oriental painting and the smell of the sea are digging up the soul. The background of Janggo Island, the coastal flower path from Idongseok-pyeong to Jijok is very famous.