What is Cultural Tour Guide?

Cultural tour guides are volunteers who provide specialized information and cultural, historical, natural and contemporary heritage interpretation to people who visit Namhae.

Tourist attractions that offer cultural tour guide service

Tourist attractions that offer cultural tour guide service
Tourist Attractions Address (Namhae-gun) No. of Staffs Working Days Hours
Namhae Gwaneumpo Admiral Yi Burial Site 3829, Namhaedae-ro, Gohyeon-myeon 2 Mon~Sun 10:00~17:00
Admiral Yi Sun-Shin Yeongsanggwang
(Video Museum)
3829 Namhaedae-ro, Gohyeon-myeon 1~2 Tue~Suns 10:00~17:00
Namhae Chungnyeolsa Shrine 1181, Seolcheon-ro, Seolcheon-myeon 2 Sat, Sun 10:00~17:00
Gacheon Tourist Information Center 702, Nammyeon-ro, Nam-myeon 1~2 Mon~Sun 10:00~17:00
Yubae Munhakgwan Tourist Information Center 2745, Namhaedae-ro, Namhae-eup 1 Mon~Sun 10:00~17:00
Changseon Tourist Information Center 49-10, Dongbudae-ro 2964bun-gil, Changseon-myeon 1 Mon~Sun 10:00~17:00
Namhae Mask & Performing Arts Village 2412, Namhaedae-ro, Yidong-myeon 1 Sat, Sun 10:00~17:00
(museum about Korean miners and
nurses sent to Germany in the 60s and 70s)
89-7, Dogil-ro, Samdong-myeon 1~2 Tue, Thu, Sat, Sun 10:00~17:00
Haeoreum Art Village 995, Dongbudae-ro, Samdong-myeon 1 Sat, Sun 10:00~17:00
House N Garden 39, Yesul-gil, Samdong-myeon 2~3 Tue~Sun 10:00~17:00