Treasure Island Garlic Festival & Korean Beef Festival

Treasure Island Garlic Festival and Korean Beef Festival Image

Festival Overview

  • Festival Name Treasure Island Garlic Festival & Korean Beef Feast
  • PeriodMay
  • LocationGarlic Land in Yidong-myeon, Namhae-gun
  • EventsGarlic Cooking Show, Mister Garlic Competition, Madam Garlic Competition, Garlic Singing Contest and variety of performances and events

The Treasure Island, Namhae's Garlic grown under the influence of sea breeze meets Namhae's Korean beef from healthy cattle raised in clean environment. The Garlic Festival which started in 2005 and became the most representative festival in Namhae was upgraded to, after a history of 10 years, the 'Treasure Island Garlic Festival and Korean Beef Feast'. Now, we can all enjoy everything great about garlic and Korean beef at one place.

The cooking demonstrations and events just as great as those in the American 'Gilroy Garlic Festival', really show how Namhae's health garlics that have the best, rich flavor and Namhae's premium Korean beef can be fully enjoyed. Also, the 'Garlic Madam Competition' for Namhae women who are not afraid of all the hard farm work they do, the 'Mister Garlic Competition' for men who are eager to show off their strength gained by eating healthy garlics, the 'Garlic Singing Competition' which unites the people from over 10 villages are some of the great events that you just can't miss out on in this festival.