Beer Festival Image

Festival Overview

  • Festival Name German Village Beer Festival
  • PeriodOctober
  • LocationGerman Village in Samdong-myeon, Namhae-gun
  • EventsOktober Night, Welcome Parade, German Culture Experience, variety of beer-related events

Let's all shout out loud! "Prosit!", "Prost!", "Zum Wohl!"

The real German culture the Korean coal miners and nurses, who went to Germany in the 1960s and 70s, had to learn and adapt to, can be experienced here in the German Village. The German Village Beer Festival in Namhae started in 2010, to celebrate Germany's Oktoberfest which is one of the 3 major festivals in the world, and this beer festival in Namhae has become a unique brand that you can not experience it anywhere else in Korea.

Korea's biggest beer festival! A place where you can experience true German culture and authentic German beers! A fantastic event where everyone joins together with music and a glass of beer! The German Village Beef Festival is the festival that everyone should see, hear, taste, enjoy and feel every October.