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The cultivation area and amount of the nation's best Treasure Island, Namhae's garlic, is raised on a clear sky with sea breeze from the Aegean Sea of Jeollanam-do and it is more than 35% of Gyeongnam, 5% of the country and a total of 30% of the nation's total output. The Namhae garlic, which was raised with sea breeze of Cheongjeong water, can be purchased in any Nonghyup or market in Namhae.


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This spinach has many green incised leaves and its flower stalk always comes later.

This spinach can be easily store so it is popular than regular improved breeds. Spinach has a lot of vitamins, calcium, iron and mineral and it lowers and prevents visual loss, anemia, lung cancer, blood cholesterol level.


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The king of calcium caught from Cheongjeong water. Naturally dried calcium by sea breeze and sun is the specialties of Namhae which do not need a word to describe. This dried anchovy has excellent quality by its silver color and wonderful charm without power.

This anchovy is the king of calcium, which were boiled and dried after caught from Cheongjeong water, and it proudly represent the nation's best Namhae anchovy. Especially, the Bamboo weirs anchovy, which grew up in a fast current of Jijok strait is very popular and expensive.

Sliced raw fish

Sacheon Beach

he taste of fresh seasonal sashimi, which was just caught from Cheongjeong water of south coast such as black porgy, flounder, spotty belly greenling, Spanish mackerel and etc., is excellent.

The fishes in south cost are known as the best tastes so there are a lot of tourists to enjoy this excellent taste.

Korean Beef

Sacheon Beach

This is first-grade cattle, which was neutered and raised according to a special program for two years, and it tastes excellent as it has a lot of fatty acid and amino acid.

These cattle were raised in Namhae-gun, the town of longevity, which is a perfect place for cattle to grow as it has a lot of oxygen, thick ozone layer, no pollution-causing factory, and consistent sea breeze. All area of Namhae-gun is the best place for excellent meat.