County Office Overview

Welcome to Namhae County Office

  • (1)Main Bldg, 1
  • (2)Main Bldg, 2
  • (3)County Council Bldg
  • (4)Welfare Facility Bldg
  • (5)Civil Service Bldg
  • (6)Pavilion
  • (7)General Social Welfare Bldg
  • (8)Night Duty Officer Lounge

County Office Overview

Main Bldg

Main Bldg
Floors Offices Other Facilities
B1 Dept. of Environment & Green Development, Computer Equipment Maintenance Office Washroom
1F Dept. of Civil Service (Archives, Storage Room)
Dept. of Urban Construction (Permit Team)
Dept. of Urban Construction
Dept. of Administration
Computer Room
Dept. of Finance
Welfare Admin. Div. Chief Director's Office
Washroom (2)
2F Conference Room, Broadcasting Room, Public Relations Office
Economy & Industry Div. Chief Director's Office
Dept. of Civil Service (Official Land Value Office)
Mayor's Office, Waiting Room, Deputy-Mayor's Office
Secretary's Office, Situation Room, Planning & Budget Office
3F Computer Education Room
Government Employees' Union Office
Water Tank Storage

County Council

County Council
Floors Offices Other Facilities
B1 Storage, Machinery Room
1F Planning&Admin. Committee Office, Reference Room Office, Washroom, Lobby
2F Chairman's Office, Vice-Chairman's Office
Industry Construction Committee Office
Planning&Admin. Committee Office, Expert Committee Office
Utility Room, Hall, Washroom, Lobby
3F Broadcasting Room, Conference Room
Industry Construction Committee Office
Washroom, Lobby
Rooftop - Storage Room (2)

Dinning Room

Dinning Room
Floors Offices Other Facilities
1F - Dinning Room
2F Welfare Admin. Div. Chief Director's Office
Live a Just Life Campaign Office
Office of The National Unification Advisory Council
3F Statistics Office
Accounting Docs. Copy Room
Budget Situation Room

Night Duty Officer Lounge

Night Duty Officer Lounge
Floors Offices Other Facilities
Security Office Night-Duty Room, Room(2), Washroom, Storage, Boiler Room -
Lounge Drivers' Lounge, Surowon Lounge, Storage, Vestibule -


Floors Offices Other Facilities
Pavilion 1-1 Department of Ocean & Fisheries Bill Printing Room, Storage
Pavilion 1-2 Dept. of General Safety
Dept. of Construction & Transportation
Pavilion 2-1 Dept. of Culture & Youth -
Pavilion 2-2 Dept. of Local Development & Promotion -
Pavilion 2-3 Tourism Promotion Office -

General Social Welfare Bldg

General Social Welfare Bldg
Floors Offices Other Facilities
B1 - Multipurpose Hall, Waiting Room, Storage(3), Hall,
Utility Room, Electricity Room
Generator Room, Machinery Room 1,
Machinery Room 2, Parking Lot (36 vehicles)
1F Dept. of Residential Welfare, Youth Consultation Office
Management Office, Association of Disabled, Communication Room
Storage(2), Welfare Association, Lounge, Office
2F Namhae-eup Local Information Center (Namhae-gun County Computer Service)
Multi-cultural Family Office, Youth Consultation Office
Parents of Disabled Office
Machinery Room, Outdoor Lounge, Hall
3F Computer Education Center Outdoor Lounge (2), Utility Room, Hall