Mt. Geum in Namhae Namhae's 1st attraction

Mt. Geum in Namhae Image

The Mt. Geum is the most famous mountain in the South as Hallyeo Haesang National Park and it is also known as soul mountain.

The fantastic rocks and stones of 38 famous spots with many legends look like Mt. Geumgang so it is also known as small Mt. Geumgang or Namhae's Mt. Geumgang. As Lee Seong-gye, King Taejo, Mt. Bogwang was renamed as Mt. Geum. Next to the Boriam, there are Sambul Rock and Joseon Taejo Prayer Altar. (Scenic spots and places of historic interest No. 39)

Mt. Mangunsan Namhae's 9th attraction

Mt. Mangunsan Image

Mt. Mangun is the about 786m above seal level and is the tallest mountain in Namhae. This is where most mountain climbers are in as azaleas have filled the top of the mountain.

It takes about an hour and half from Hwabang Temple to the top of the mountain.

Mt. Hogu Namhae's 11th attraction

Mt. Hogu Image

The Mt. Hogu, the Namhae County Park, is about 672m above seal level and you can mount in 40 minutes from Yongmun Temple in Yongso-ri, Idong-myeon and Idong-myeon Dajeong Reservoir. For a little longer course, you can mount in an hour and 10 minutes if you start from Aenggang Hill

Mt. Seolheul

Mt. Seolheul

Mt. Seolheul Image

Mt. Seolheul is 481m above seal level and there are two courses; once from Mt. Eungbong and one from Honghyeon, Gachon. Mt. Seolheul has been known as Namhae's the best hiking course as you can see Aenggang bay on the east and open sea on the south