Namhae Bridge Namhae's 2nd attraction

Namhae Bridge Image

The Namhae Bridge, which was established in June 22, 1973, is a 660m long beautiful suspension bridge, which connects Namhae-gun and Hadong-gun.

This is where Lee Sun-Sin's Battle of Noryang was and the sunset between the islands is spectacular and the cherry tree roads are beautiful in the spring.

Changseon Samcheonpo grand Bridge Namhae's 12th attraction

Changseon Samcheonpo grand Bridge Image

The Changseon-Samcheonpo grand Bridge, which became Korea's top tourist attraction established in April 28, 2003, is 3.4km long bridge, which connected 3 islands by 5 bridges between Changseon Island and Samcheonpo in Namhae.

All five bridges present unique characteristics as it were made of different construction methods.

Changseon Bridge Namhae's 4th attraction

Changseon Bridge Image

The red pretty Changseon Bridge along with bamboo weirs is fabulous. The Changseon Bridge is established on Jijok Strait where high and low tide goes out and was opened on December 20, 1995 as a 440 m cable-stayed concrete bridge, which connects Changseon-myeon and Samdong-myeon.

The Changseon Bridge collapsed in 1993 a few days before the collapse of Seongsu Bridge so this is one of sad memory for people in Namhae.