Anchovy Festival Image

Festival Overview

  • Festival NameTreasure Island Mijo Anchovy Festival
  • Periodaround May
  • LocationNorth Port, Mijo-ri, Mijo-myeon, Namhae-gun
  • EventsOMuminsa Poongeohjae (ritual to pray for a big catch and safety on a boat) and Gilnori (Korean traditional percussion band performance), Yongwangje (the ritual offered to the Sea God), demonstration of shaking off the anchovies from the fishing net, Anchovy Trot Singing Contest, Air Force Honor Guard and Band Performance, Sea Parade, raw anchovy and grilled anchovy tasting, bare hand fish catching event, etc

"Eh-he-ra~ it's a full ship with anchovies"

The freshest marine product catched fighting the rough waves everyday!
The seagulls sharing the joy of a full ship!
The laughter of fishermen sailing strong over the rough waves!
Mijo Port, the most beautiful port in Korea that is full of life and energy!

Songjeong Pine Breeze Beach's indigo blue sea, exotic rocks and cliffs along the shore, pine forest and silver sand, the 'Moominsa Shrine' where the true patriot, General Choe Yeong is honored and the Natural Monument No.29 'Migo-ri Evergreen Forest' created to protect the villages from harsh sea wind are all in Mijo, the village where warmhearted people lives harmoniously live in a marvelous natural environment.

Start your journey in Mijo, Namhae and enjoy the Treasure Island Mijo Anchovy Festival and the delicious raw anchovy dish, anchovy wraps, variety of other fresh seafood and experience the wonderful people and picturesque nature in Mijo.