Namhae Sports Park

Namhae Sports Park Image

The largest Namhae sports park in Korea is a famous location for sports maniacs, families and couples.

The Namhae Sports Park hosted many competitions such as Denmark team for 2002 World Cup, National Elementary School Male & Female Soccer Tournament, FA Cup Soccer Championship Tournament, MBC National Women's Soccer Tournament, Gyeongsangnam-do Sports Tournament, National Spring Middle School and High School Soccer Tournament, National College Soccer Tournament, the 1st U17 Asia Women's Soccer Tournament and etc.

Daehan Baseball Camp

Daehan Baseball Camp Image

This is Korea's first baseball camp center where players can enjoy training and relaxation all year around.

The training facilities, accommodation facilities and other additional facilities are all provided in one place for the convenience of players and athletes so individual training, team training, indoor practice, practice game and night training is available.

Hilton Namhae Golf & Spa Resort

Hilton Namhae Golf & Spa Resort Image

The Hilton Namhae Golf & Spa Resort on 815,530 m2 of reclaimed land of Pyeongsan and Deokwol, Nammyeon is a premium integrated resort with 18-hole golf course and 170 condominiums, where you can enjoy golf by going through the ocean.

You can enjoy golf throughout the season as it doesn't snow in Namhae so this resort is more popular in the winter.


Yacht Image

A sailing school was opened in Mulgun-ri, Samdong-myeon according to the era of sea leisure.

The sailing school as 11 Dinghy boats, 1 cruise boat and 1 coach boat and anyone over 4th grade can participate in the training.

This sailing school became famous after hosting the 1st Treasure Island Cup Yacht Club Competition in October 2008.


Fishing Image

All areas in Namhae-gun are a famous place for rock fishing. Especially, Mijo coast and Nammyeon cost always have fishermen throughout the year.

Also, you can feel bites and nibbling of big fishes in a large sea once you go off on a boat. You can also enjoy the taste of fresh-caught sashimi at Namhae Sea.

Horse riding

Horse riding Image

The experiment farm is preparing a farm experiment place and horse riding place in Bonggok-ri, Idong-myeon. Recently, there are horseback riding experience in Jangpyeong Reservoir and Songjeong Solbaram Beach.

Especially, the horse riding experience with children gives exotic pleasures.

Sea Rafting

Sea Rafting Image

The youth hostel in Dunchon-ri, Samdong-myeon conducts sea rafting by using fast current of Jijok strait.

Namhae Sea rafting has different excitement than fast-flower stream rafting done in Hantan River or Gyeongho River and it is safe as it is done in shallow water above sand flat.

You can also experience foreshore along with sea rafting.