Sangju EunmoraeNamhae's 3rd attraction

Sangju Eunmorae Image

The Sangju Beach with a magnificent view of Mt. Geum as a background is the most beautiful getaway spot in south coast. The sand beach along the circular ocean beach where natural trees and rocks defense the waves! The Sangju Beach with the nation's best sand is wooded with 100 years old pines so it has been spotlighted as the summer vacation spot.

The Sangju Beach, which is 22km south from Namhae-eup, has easy sand slop and high water temperature, so it has the best qualities as vacation spot for families t

Songjeong Solbaram Beach Namhae's 8th attraction

Songjeong Solbaram Beach Image

The Songjeong Solbaram Beach with shade of pine trees is the 2nd largest beach in the Namhae. This beach has unspoiled nature as it is.

This beach is located 5km south of Sangju Beach and the soft silver sand and clear sea water is very famous.

The Songjeong Hansol Village is designated as green rural farm experimental village so you can enjoy the life of rural and farm.

Wolpo Dugok Beach

Wolpo Dugok Beach Image

This is a long beach along Dugok-ri and Wolpo-ri on the south and there's a pine forest which residents have established with a windbreak forest, small rocks and sand.

Sacheon Beach

Sacheon Beach

The Sacheon Beach is known as quiet and atmospheric beach for families due to its soft and fine sand.