Southern coastNamhae's 6th attraction

Darangi Field of Gacheon Village

Southern coast Image

Darangi Field of Gacheon Village on the sightseeing road of southern coast is a popular driving course in Namhae.

This is a narrow and long stairs type rice paddy cultivated from a steep mountain slope, which faces the blue sea. This symbolizes the diligence of Namhae people and you can feel the unique atmosphere of the island. (Scenic No. 15)

Namhae Gacheon Male and Female Rocks

Namhae Gacheon Male and Female Rocks Image

These are 5.8 m tall rocks the female rock looks like a pregnant woman and the male rock looks like the male's sexual organs.

These rocks were found during Yeongju's 27th year and are located outside of Donggu on the seashore of Gacheon Town and these are called 'Ammireuk' and 'Sumireuk'. These rocks are known as the object of faith to the village people as they have a tradition to pray for the peace and big catch on October 23 of every year in front of these rocks. (Province Folk Material No. 13)